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"I design statement clothing using bright, quirky prints for fearless females, allowing them to express their bold personalities & be their true selves!" 

Pin Clothing is a one-woman band run by myself (Emma) and I love being an original! 💕 Trying to be original was what this brand was born out of. As a teenager, I ached for anything to wear that would make me stand out amongst everyone else. I didn't want to wear all the same clothes that everyone else had bought from the shops in town. Back then internet shopping wasn't really a thing, so nobody had a choice but to buy what they were offering on the high street. But I didn't want to look like a clone, I didn't want to bump into someone at a party wearing the same dress as them! I started designing and sewing unique one-off pieces whilst I was still in school, with the help of my Nan & her vintage sewing machine. Flash forward 14 years, and I’m still designing, cutting and sewing everything myself! I take great pride in being a perfectionist, and nothing I make would ever leave the studio unless I was happy to wear it myself. I spend a lot of time sourcing the brightest and kookiest prints i can find, with the aim of producing quality statement pieces with a unique story!

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