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  • If you cant make other people smile with what your wearing then what's the point?

    I make clothes because i want to be different, i don't want to wear what's in fashion on what the celebrities are wearing, i just want to wear clothes that are comfortable and that make me smile, simple.

  • For fearless folk who want to dress their inner child!

    Pin Clothing is a indie fashion brand that makes easy to wear, bright, fun clothing for the child at heart. Ever found an amazing garment but it's in the kids section? Well Pin Clothing aims to fill that 'dress like a children's TV presenter' gap in the fashion market.

  • Pin Clothing is all about expressing you're uniqueness through what you wear.

    I love anything with a bright colour and a quirky print, the more random the better! I actively seek out the most amazing fabrics, sourcing pieces from all over the UK and Europe. If the fabric looks like I could find it made up as something on the high street - then it's a no from me! Everything I create must put a smile on my face or else!

  • Proud to be a one women band since 2007.

    Pin Clothing is all designed, cut, sewn, marketed, packaged, and even dropped off to the post box by myself! I'm a self taught dress maker and I work from my studio in the heart of Northampton, and have been doing so for the last 15 years. I pride myself on the quality of my work and I'd never let something out into the wild that I wouldn't be proud to wear myself.

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